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Our Expertise

Amongst various segments under the vast scope of Finance, we identify the following to be our areas of expertise.

Business Plan & Financial Model

We help transform your theoretical business idea into working numbers by preparing a customized and dynamic Financial Model. 
Our framework for this service collaboration would be to:

  • Analyze your business environment by collecting market data relevant to your business idea.
  • Setup an Interactive & Dynamic Spreadsheet Financial Model.
  • Simulate the financial performance of your Business Entity.
  • Create the user defined Financial Reports.

Valuation Services

We offer our Expertise by calculating the Intrinsic Value of your Entity. Your entities Intrinsic Value would be derived as per the DCF method of valuation, by making use of Forecast Statements. Additionally, we also provide a second set of Valuation derivations – which better fits the entities nature of business and market comparables. 


Taxation & Statutory Audits

We help our clients manage a rather tedious compliance framework, and deliver a much smoother & interactive compliance mechanism which ethically saves them money, time and resources.

Accountancy & Bookkeeping

We offer a comprehensive solution for your bookkeeping & accountancy function. We support cleanups of your accounting records, and also offer an outsource function to subsume your entities finance department.

Management Consultancy

We provide an advisory function for your entities key decision making points. We apply sound methodologies to compute the numbers behind each scenario, and present you with with our advisory statement, along with all of our working notes /  tabulations prepared in the task. This would give you the correct tools to take an appropriate decision. 

Investor Pitch Deck

We are happy to collaborate, and add value to your business functions. Kindly send us an Email, or even register as a client at our wonderful CRM system built on this website. Hope to speak with you on the other side! 

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