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Global Corporate Finance Services

Big data: explosion bring focus on company

Business Plan & Financial Modeling

Have a Business idea that you need translated into a Financial Report ?

We can do much better than that. We would help you to :

Analyze your Business Environment by collecting market data relevant to your business idea.0%
Setup an MS Excel based Financial Model, best adapted for the different market variables
relevant for your business idea.
Create a facility for Simulating the financial performance of your Business Entity,
under different market scenario's.
Create the user defined Financial Reports, that you were originally looking for !0%

Valuation Services

We offer our Expertise by calculating the Intrinsic Value of your Entity. We help determine this Intrinsic Value based on the Discounted Cash Flow – Methodology of Valuation. Along with the DCF method, we also provide a second set of calculation – by following a more Customized Valuation Methodology, which better fits the Entity’s current Financial Working Structure.

Taxation & Statutory Audits

We help our clients overcome the stringent timelines & compliance norms by providing an Ethical, Timely and a Holistic Tax-and-Audit service. We turn the rather onerous and tedious compliance requirement to a much smoother & interactive task, which in turn helps you define better Internal Policies & Procedures within your Entity as well !

QuickBooks / XERO / Tally ERP9 - Accountancy & Bookkeeping

We offer a comprehensive solution for the Ongoing Bookkeeping & Accountancy requirement ! You may outsource your Bookkeeping function to our Team ! We offer the service for our clients using QuickBooks Online (QBO) / XERO / Tally ERP9, and provide the clients with a real time sync between the our Accountants version of the package and their Accounting Setup.

Management Consultancy & Strategic Business Advisory

Management consulting involves the practice of helping business organizations to improve their performance, by analyzing the current problems and creating a strategy for development. At Intrinsic Finance, we extensively analyze the External Market factors as well as your Internal Entity-specific factors, and then present the best Plan of Action for your Company.